Pink Waltz – Steps 7 & 8

Hello! Don't forget the workshop showcase on Friday , our slot is at 4:10pm. Come and show your support for all the other learners and show off the brilliant work you've done this week! Step 7 - Rolls and Swanees Breakdown rolls into fast swanee this one is mirrored as you only need it from one … Continue reading Pink Waltz – Steps 7 & 8


Pink waltz – Steps 5 & 6

I'll try and hold off on the exclamation marks today. It was lovely to see everyone today and it'd be great to see some of you tonight at the ceilidh. Step 5 - Easy swanees and for good measure . . . Breakdown crunch into swanee Showing a regular crunch. Video is mirrored because it isn't repeated. … Continue reading Pink waltz – Steps 5 & 6